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Indigo Unveiled Diamond Prima Hand Necklace

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Madison may have begun with only a local presence in Los Angeles about 26 years ago, but our renown as a luxury shoe retailer has since spread worldwide. We’ve been recognized as one of the best shoe stores in the world by Italian Vogue and our ever-changing online inventory makes the best-quality, fashion-forward footwear available worldwide.

A precious gem sparkles in the hand sculpture, representing the hidden potential in all things. This hand inscribes the latin word Prima Materia, meaning first matter.

More Details

  • Hand made in the heart of Los Angeles
  • 4mm Diamond
  • 25 grams,
  • 2” long
  • Color: Gold
  • Sculptured Hand  
  • Carving Holding 
  • 0.25 ct Diamond 
  • Product sku: 33032