• Indigo Unveiled Merkaba Celestial Necklace

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Indigo Unveiled Merkaba Celestial Necklace


$ 895.00



Merkaba Celestial Pendant


An elegant model of the celestial universe. Inside is a carefully rendered merkaba, the star that reminds us to activate our light. The necklace is inlaid with two diamonds, and engraved with egyptian words and symbols.

14k Gold

Step into your own light body. Hanging from a rolo gold chain, this pendant uses the sacred geometry of the Merkaba to energize and elevate consciousness. Merkaba means “chariot” or “throne of light,” and the ancient Egyptians described it as the divine vehicle that allowed us entry into the higher realms.

The pendant is printed with Mer (light) Ka (spirit) Ba (body) as well as Akhu (radiant being of light) and the three rings symbolize the unification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Inside is a carefully rendered replica of the Merkaba which can be used to both visualize and create its power within us.

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More Details

  • Color: Gold
  • merkaba celestial
  • spinning star pendant 
  • 2 diamonds 
  • Vermeil
  • silver w 22k gold dipped 
  • Product sku: 16565

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