• Indigo Unveiled Akenaten + Nefertiti Signet Ring

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Indigo Unveiled Akenaten + Nefertiti Signet Ring


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Akenaten + Nefertiti Signet Ring 


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A revival of an Egyptian signet ring depicting Akenaten (left) and Nefertiti (right). A talisman for leadership and wisdom of light. 

There were many kings that preceded Akhenaten but Akhenaten was actually one of the first pharaohs. Pharaoh actually means “god-king”. Drunvalo Melchizedek, an initiate of the Great Pyramid and temples in Egypt, affirms that pharaoh also means “that which you will become”. With that being said, we can observe how Akhenaten served as an archetype for the higher states of consciousness that we are all capable of achieving. Soon after he took the throne, he began a religious reform that made the claim that all the gods that had been worshipped in the years preceding the Amarna Period were simply manifestations of the one true God, Aten. He asserted that everyone be truthful in their everyday lives as well as in their art, which means that an artist was expected to illustrate things just as he/she saw them in nature. 

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