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Reinhard Plank Natural Nana Big Staw Hat

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Description: The Reinhard Plank Natural Nana Big Viscose Hat is a 100% Panama, wide-brim hat made in Florence, Italy. 

*Materials: Palm straw, bao straw, Sisal and Parasisal straw, Baku straw, Ramie straw, raffia and jute or generically called “straw” and they are natural fibers used to make handmade hats, worn in Africa and Asia since after the Middle Ages during the summer months, and have changed little between the medieval times and today.

  • Color: Natural
  • Accessories, Hats, Wide-Brim Hat
  • Composition: 100% Panama  
  • Brim Width: 5 in. / 12.7cm. 
  • Crown Height: 5in. / 12.7cm.
  • Product Style ID: NANA BIG STAW SPIGA
  • Made in Italy