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Red Fabric Sock Stretch Ankle Boots


Elena Iachi Red Fabric Sock Stretch Boots 

The Red Fabric Sock Stretch Boots by Elena Iachi 

About Designer

Launched in 2011, Elena Iachi is the creative expression of people who love their work and devote themselves to it with passion and competence, aiming to create a shoe that combines style, creativity and superior quality. The attention on detail, experience in leather dyeing and quality that comes from a totally handmade manufacturing process, make the products a unique example of unconventional fashion.


At Madison, you can find an excellent selection of the most forward thinking as well as the oldest standing Houses in footwear. We execute and envision the look of every season, searching for the finest artisanship and the most stunning design innovations. We curate collections that will keep our customers on the cutting edge of fashion.

  • Style:E1314
  • Made in Italy