Discover a World of Style with Stylish Women Metallic Shirts

Discover a World of Style with Stylish Women Metallic Shirts

Metallic fashion has made its long-awaited return to the fashion streets. This '80s fashion is loud, downright, flashy, and perfect for all outgoing and grooviest personalities.

MADISON MAISON has always been at the forefront of the trendiest fashion, so how can we not offer you some stunning metallic shirts to enliven your wardrobe? To give you an idea of what you can expect from our metallic shirts collection, here are some of our stylish articles. So, are you ready to explore? 

MADISON MAISON Laminated Collar Shirt Black/Gold

Madison Maison Laminated Collar Shirt Black/Gold

There is no better way to ease this trend than a Madison Maison Laminated Collar Shirt. With black and gold details, this dynamic style can rock occasion after occasion. While this style adds life to the parties, feel free to pull it up in the daylight. 

Pair it with a dazzling pair of earrings and our black sequined snip-toe slingback heels to create the look that brings all the eyes to you. A timeless handbag that also helps you add ritz and glitz during any special occasion, especially since that has gold shimmering gold hardware.

A perfectly pulled look will guarantee all attention on you. To take this trend to the next level, you can wear this shirt underneath a puffer or a trench coat. 

MADISON MAISON Laminated Silver Shirt


Once only meant for that 2 a.m. kind of night, the silver style has become a staple for fashion wardrobes in this metallic era. Now, you don't have to have evening plans to wear these dramatic styles. Madison Maison's Laminated Silver shirt is a signature piece from our metallic shirts collection to step up in daylight.   

If you want to pull on party looks, this shirt is a sophisticated option. You can carry this with a straight skirt, and high heels for the fashion nova looks. However, if you want to keep it simple, go with a pair of jeans and sneakers. This shirt will do just fine while also standing out. 

To give you a styling tip, when it's silver upper, jeans and minis are really the kind of bottom you can throw on. To add more glamor to your look, remember to jazz up accessories to your ensemble. 

MADISON MAISON Laminated Denim Bronze Shirt

Madison Maison Laminated Denim Bronze Shirt

This gold foil overlay shirt is as comfortable as it looks stylish. But you know what the best thing about this shirt is? You can create nostalgic looks like they were taken straight from an 80s wardrobe. Yet, we are all in the metallic season, so you don't forget your terms and style too. 

For a head-to-toe metallic look, you can opt for a metallic skirt or jeans to pair with it and ramp up the sparkle. Also, feel free to take a cue from the '80s. To amp up casual looks, fit with our metallic shoe collection. 

But, in case you want the accessories to take the focal point, jibe in with a dazzling pair of earrings. The Internet is full of drool-worthy options. 

MADISON MAISON Laminated Bronze Shirt

Madison Maison Laminated Bronze Shirt

With glitter paillette and a touch of Bronze, this shirt is a party starter in itself. As there can never be a dull day for metallic colors, you can pair this shirt with any bottoms that you want. 

For professional looks, consider going with plaid bottoms, while for casual looks, you can go with metallic boots. The bronze color looks shiny, but in a way, it is neutral, so it looks amazing with black, brown, or gray. 

For a perfect ensemble, pair elegant accessories like watches or earrings with our elegant jeweled loafers. 

MADISON MAISON Laminated Collar Shirt

Madison Maison Laminated Collar Shirt White/Silver

While most metallic outfits are meant for the nights outs or New Year's Eve, our Madison Maison Laminated Collar Shirt in White and Silver can go for all hours of the day. 

If the metallic fashion fade seems a little intimidating to you, fret not, you can start with this shirt. Due to its white color, it's easier to pair and style. You can pair it with our high-heel loafers; keep something with silver detailing for the bottoms.

The easiest way to embrace this shirt is to balance it with clean neutral, and solid colors. Try out pink in your everyday jeans with neutral heels. Accessories like bags, necklaces, earrings, etc., can always add life to any outfit, so play around as much as you can. 

Wrapping Up! 

Metallic fashion is a retro fashion approaching us again back from the 80s. It is a versatile fashion that allows you to style and show yourself. You can keep it as funky or simple as you like. 

Our MADISON MAISON metallic shirts collection allows you to experiment with looks and leave your comfort zone. These are trendy pieces of the season. It is a flowy fashion that adds an oomph to your fashion. Feel free to go ahead and explore our metallic shirts collection for a major wardrobe change. 


Are Metallic Shirts Only Meant For Party Looks? 

Not necessarily! While metallic shirts can make great statement pieces for special occasions, they can also be incorporated into everyday looks. You can create an eye-catching look for work or casual outings with the right styling.

What Is the Best Way To Accessorize A Metallic Shirt?

Go with neutral and bold colors or head-to-toe metallic. Even way is a good way to accessorize metallic shirts as long as it rectifies your style. 

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