Revamp Your Wardrobe: Oxford Loafers for a Chic and Classy Look

Revamp Your Wardrobe: Oxford Loafers for a Chic and Classy Look

Loafers are the go-to style in shoes. This is an essential model for men's and women's wardrobes, ensuring perfect breathability and versatility. However, they were not always this way. Originally they were only meant for men, but as the years passed, they finally found their way into the ladies' hearts too. 

Revamp Your Wardrobe: Adding In The Oxford Loafers 

When you want something chic, comfortable, stylish, and convenient, designer womens loafers make up for the best option. They offer a perfect blend of all these elements so you can manage the busy city life without paining your feet.

Gone are the days when loafers were meant for the school or college uniform. These days, they ride the fashion curve from street style to red carpets, as now, it's all about looking fab, and we have so much space for fashion experiments. 

At Madison Maison, loafers are now available in different styles and colors, but one thing they all have in common is Italian Craftsmanship. Our styles ranged from traditional simple loafers to healed and Jeweled loafers.

 Some of the most common women's loafers that we have for you to explore are:

Classic Flat Loafers

Flats are that time partner when you are not in the mood to torture your feet with heels in the name of fashion. However, that doesn't mean they can't be stylish and chic for your wardrobe. Our classic loafer range from classic moccasins to pairs decorated with buckles and jeweled and metal pieces. Our modern loafers are now available in different silhouettes, such as gold, square, and cognac. 

Classic Loafers

Heeled Loafers

There is nothing that gives you confidence like heels do. For those womens who enjoy wearing heels like nothing else, we have heeled loafers too. There are selected pieces that come with platform heels to add an extra level of convenience so that you can slip on and off easily on busy days. 

Heeled Loafers

Chunky Loafers 

Hop on the chunky loafer trend with MADISON MAISON! These shoes have thicker soles but still maintain the classic silhouette you adore in Oxfords and loafers. Some feature lug soles for better grip, while others have a more robust appearance than the typical streamlined loafer.

Chunky Loafers

Square Toe Loafers 

To not disappoint you, we have included a square-toe loafer in the collection. So, when you want to keep classy, feminine, without sacrificing the loafer's coziness, you will have square-toe loafers by your side. While these are perfect for formal meetings, you can also take them to friends' meetings or for date night. 

square toe loafers



Styling Your Oxford Loafer: How To Wear Them Effortlessly

Whether you want to wear them for a classroom, office, or park, loafers are always versatile. You can wear them with pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses. They are great for all sessions. Styling them ………….

Chic And Casual

For a chic and casual vibe, style your classic golden flat loafers with white skinny jeans or fitted ankle white pants. Any other color, like black, blue, and even pink, will do. Choosing the right top, you can go for a white shirt or top. For dresses and skirts, pair your golden loafers with a classic skirt and knee-length dress. This is a staple office and casual go-to look. 

Sophisticated And Classy

Loafers are classic shoes and are easy to dress up with an outfit. For these types of looks, choose heeled loafers in neutral or in black shades with jeweled details. Our Oxford loafers have excellent leather finishing with sophisticated embellishment for an overall laid-back and chic vibe. Consider matching it with your black emblem.  

Casual And Out 

Styling casual means you want to stay in your comfort zone while also feeling confident. Pick a classic pair of jeans with loafers and pair them with a crop or tshirt. To protect yourself from the sun, add an oversized shrug with a cozy feel. Remember, you can pick any jeans from boyfriend jeans, denim overalls, or distressed jeans that look great with women's casual loafers and heels loafers at the same time.

Styling With Season In Mind 

In winter, you can stay cozy and stylish by layering up with a sweater, a scarf, and wooly tights with your loafers.

 And in the summer, you can enjoy the outdoors while looking great by pairing your comfy loafers with your favorite pair of shorts or a summer dress, and don't forget to add a sunhat! 

When it's spring and autumn, it can get a bit chilly but also warm, so just wear your usual shirt, jeans, and loafers ensemble, but bring along a leather jacket, a cardigan, or a spring/autumn coat just in case you need to cover up a bit. Stay fashionable and comfortable all year round!

Wrapping Up 

Take your shoe wardrobe to the next level with MADISON MAISON loafers for that effortless style all year round. All of our shoes are handcrafted in Italy, making them a well-deserved treat to your wardrobe that you will certainly endure for a long time. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope you have liked it! 

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