What Should You Consider Styling a Navy Leather Shoulder Bag?

What Should You Consider Styling a Navy Leather Shoulder Bag?

Deciding on a navy leather shoulder bag can never go wrong. Navy colors are a representation of quality, style, and design, and when paired with leather, it makes the divine fashion accessory desired and loved by everyone. While black and chocolate colors give a very specific classic look, blue is the most versatile color to pick in a leather bag. With that said, here are some styling tips to rock your next outing with the bag. 

Pair It With A Matching Outfit 

The best way to style a leather bag is to wear it with your favorite, and a comfortable dress with some glittering accessories. Black is a sister color to navy blue when it comes to fashion. Choosing the black dress as a base fit with your bag makes you feel like the queen you are. 

Selecting the right accessories will do justice to your look. Prefer a bold, diamond statement necklace paired with matching earrings. Grab your stylish leather and a pair of heels to complete your dazzling look. This elegant outfit is perfect to wear when attending an office meeting, or for going to a special event.

Keep The Functionality In Mind 

The bag offers a handy storage solution for when they're on the go. Keep the size of your leather bag in mind when going out. Comfort is the key to styling. Added features, such as detachable shoulder straps, hidden inner compartments, convenient side pockets, or adjustable buckles for extra security of the bag, will provide different functionalities no matter what size of the bag you are going for. 

Accessorize When Wearing It With A Casual Outfit

Styling the accessory to a casual outfit is one of the most excellent ways to dress up a look. Grab your tee, put on your favorite pair of faded denim jeans, and a pair of stylish sneakers to make a stunning yet simple everyday look. Then, grab your navy leather shoulder bag to make your outfit complete. This look goes perfect for a day of shopping at the mall or going to the movies for a casual night without friends. Suppose you want to take this outfit by adding more gold and silver accessories to the look. The shimmer of gold and silver will add dimension to your look, and you will have everyone gazing at your luxurious leather handbag.

Never Miss On the Perfume

Your leather bag deserves the perfect scent to go alongside it. Not only can it give you a super book, but it also gives it an Audrey Hepburn style classy touch. Woody perfumes can give you the same classic vibes as your bag. However, you can also prefer a floral-scented perfume to brighten your look and leave you smelling like a fresh-cut flower with a powdery note. Although the leather bag can go with any of your perfect, woody fragrances pair well with thick denim clothes, and light scents go well with casual outfits. 

Pick At Least One Leather Accessory

Accessories are important in many ways, especially when paired well with your daily attire. These give simple attire an edgy look that is admirable. Apart from elevating the style and look of your leather bag, wearing the right accessory can help you gain more confidence as you go along your day. Try double leather. Unlike pairing the denim, it's not a fashion sin. If you associate it right, it will look extravagant. Try pairing the leather bag with another simple yet elegant accessory, such as a leather watch. You can take it a step further and pair it with a leather jacket, but it depends on how much leather you desire to be in your outfit.

Choose Classic Items For Your Outfit To Combine With Leather Bag

Think of blue trousers, white shirts, and boots as examples of classic apparel items that combine well with leather bags. Even choosing some leather boots as your sole additional leather item is an option! Your ensemble will be clean, attractive, and stylish, using classic components.

What Madison Has For You!

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At Madison, you can find ideal weight, size, and color bags that match any style, are comfortable, and make our bags an accessory for every occasion. A navy leather shoulder bag can sing out for countless temptations to style and look different. Be creative when you have it as your everyday fashion armor. Try different styles every day to find the one that suits you most, and never settle for a boring look when you have a leather bag by your side. 

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