Women Oxford Loafers: A Guide to Choosing the Right Pair

Women Oxford Loafers: A Guide to Choosing the Right Pair

Then one shoe that has defined sophistication and class throughout history is the Oxford loafers. From getting their names from the world's most prevalent education institution, the University of Oxford, to making their debut on the red carpets, these shoes have been an integral part of many eras. 

While previously Oxford shoes were made for only males, as the fashion evolved towards more gender-neutral trends, Oxfords are now rocking women's fashion. If your shoe wardrobe demands a new and fresh addition, Oxfords undoubtedly make up for durable and stylish options. For first-time buyers, we have rounded up some questions you should follow to find the right pair of Oxfords. 

Is This Style For You?

First, Oxford loafers come in a wide variety, such as penny loafers, heeled loafers, flat loafers, and so on. That's why it becomes necessary for you to look into your style and find what type of loafers suit you. You can base your decision on your occupation or the occasion you are planning to wear them.

For example:- 

If you are a professional, flat and heeled loafer can enhance your look while keeping comfort in place, you can attend meetings, chit-chat with your colleagues, and attend after-work friends' meetings without feeling the gut-wrenching pain in your feet. On the other hand, if you are a college student, penny loafers suit casual looks and style. 

Does This Size Suit You?

The right fit can make any shoe even more appealing. Look carefully for the measurements given on the size chart when shopping online. Choosing the right size will not only help you but will also help the seller to send the right size.

If you don't know your size, ask a friend for help. Take a measurement tape, put it straight from toe to heel, and carefully mark the size. Remember, you can measure both in inches and cm. Lastly, when selecting the size, ensure enough room in the toe box but not too much for minimal slipping and ultimate comfort.

What Is the Right Material For Loafers? 

Before directly jumping in to buy the shoes, it's worth going through some memos on the right loafers. Modern womens Oxford loafers are made from suede and leather like any other shoes. Both of these materials have their qualities, setting them apart. 

If you want to choose the perfect punctuation marks for more casual and formal looks, there is no match for leather loafers. Leather offers you durability and a clean appearance. Leather Oxford loafers can last for years while looking like new always when cared for properly. Suede is also a great material and has worn well over the years, but it will only last for a while compared to leather loafers. 

Do You Like Simple Or Embellished Oxfords?

While the simple loafers have their sophistication for several occasions, ornate pieces can also bring life and enlighten important events.

At MADISON MAISON, you can pick any simple and embellished piece and pull off any event from casual to formal ambiance. If you want to go for something extra formal, simple flat Oxford loafers can upgrade any look, while for special events like weddings, jeweled loafers can show off a more luxurious and delicate finish. However, nothing is a rule of thumb. You can go with any oxfords that catch your eye the most. 

What Craftsmanship Is Working Behind The Loafers?

Next, you want to look for the craftsmanship behind an Oxford. Craftsmanship is the factor that determines the quality, durability, and style of your Oxford. Italian craftsmanship is one of the world's premium shoe-making art; fortunately, you can shop it at MADISON MAISONS. Each of our shoe pieces is handmade by Italian shoe designs so that you can enjoy the highest fashion, intricate details, and refinement in the industry. 

What Do You Want To Wear With Them For?

Last but not least, is there any specific outfit you want to wear them with? Is it a formal outfit or a casual one? Avoid wearing your oxfords with stiff clothing, as they will outshine your loafers. Also, stiff clothing like long denim skirts and baggy jeans will cover your loafers, so avoid wearing these clothes if you plan to show off your loafers. 

Women's loafers and oxfords partner excellently with loose-fitted clothes and skinny jeans. You can also wear them with trousers and midi dresses as these clothes will not cover your clothes first, and the shoes will not outshine them. 

Wrapping Up! 

These are some questions you can ask yourself if you buy the Oxfords for the first time. Oxford loafers are a great choice for every occasion, especially formal settings, so they deserve a place in your shoe wardrobe. They will enhance it and upgrade your style and bring your strongest persona out in front of the world. You know, they say if you want to feel strong, choose the right shoes! Thank you! 

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